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La Llacuna

La Llacuna is a town in the region of l'Anoia, which covers 52.25 Km2 and has a population of 975 inhabitants who live in the three areas and country houses of La Llacuna, Rofes, Torrebusqueta and the neighbourhoods of les Vilates, Pollina, Balta, Clot de les Barraques and Ventanell.

It has an average altitude of 650m. Its climate is mid-mountain Mediterranean with some continental characteristics. Rainfall is slightly higher than the regional average at between 600 and 700L/m2/year. This is reflected in the vegetation, from small groups of red pine groves, to the density of Scots pine, oak groves, holm-oak woods, box shrubbery, copses of box and holly, through to white pine groves with thickets of rosemary and winter heather, among other Mediterranean plants and, in more isolated cases, stone pine.

The town has a good range of services; nursery, school, doctor's surgery, restaurants, tourist office, shops, swimming pool, tennis court, paddle tennis court, etc.

It is also worth noting its artisan food shops, butcher's, cured meats, baker's and grocery shops.

The fountains are a very important feature of the town; more than thirty of them are found throughout the area. The most unique are: la font Cuitora, la font del Plà Novell, la font del Teix, la font de les Canals, and that of les Clotes, etc. Among the most interesting places in the town, it is worth highlighting the castle of Vilademager, the old town, the oak of Ancosa, the remains of the Cistercian monastery of Ancosa, Sant Antoni de les Vilates, Sant Josep de Rofes, and the cave paintings of Valldecerves among others.

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